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 ¡¤¡°NPR¡± Piston Ring
NPR is dedicated internal combustion parts maker with almost 70 year experience. It specializes in the piston rings and liners used inside engines, as well as valve train parts. Also the company has provided ¡°TARKALLOY (Boron cast iron) the invention of NPR¡± for use in use in marine piston rings, which has become the world standard for wear resistant internal combustion engine material.
Qinhuangdao Yumo Marine parts co., ltd as a professional importer has lots of experience in the sales of NPR piston ring in China.
We have lots of common type piston rings in our stock, and we can deliver in the latest time to anywhere (domestic city or abroad). For some unusual type¡¯s piston ring, we also can arrange the manufacture and delivery as soon as possible through our long-term friendly relationship between us and NPR.
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NPR piston ring has its own specialty packing. The mark is very clear.

NPR is obviously different from other Piston ring supplier in the way of packing when delivering. Both of the marks are glued on the outside of every paper salver, not only the maker, but also the importer¡¯s View of the outside packing.
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All the packing material is right for environment protecting, in order to make the harm to our environment become the lowest.


NPR can arrange the packing for his customer according to the quantity in the order. The contract ref. no. and piston ring code in the factory will be marked on the label, so please make sure of the details on the label when you receive the rings.

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Another kind of label can also show the main information like the left picture although it is hand-written type.

Every piston ring has its own mark on its body, just like the maker' information or material.

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Yumo marine has introduced some information about NPR here for you. Whenever you get confused about it, please do not hesitate to contact us, every one in Yumo can give you a detailed and famous reply.
ADDRESS:Room 9-104 , 29# Longhai Road , QETDZ, Qinhuangdao ,P.R.C. PC:066004
Tel: 0335-8082228 0335-8083338 +86-335-8882228 Fax: +86-335-8883338
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